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HR 1


Voice of One
I think HR1 should be reviewed without the partisan agendas this is for our country. If we had honorable leaders they would do everything in their power to make sure Americans voting is secure and fair even if it means their party would loose.



Voice of a Village
Walter, you state <in-part>: "If we had honorable leaders"; do a deep dive into HR1, it has a bunch of wish list crap that has nothing to do with voting...so much for the fantasy of having honorable leaders. HR1 is attempt to federalize elections which have always been the responsibility of the states. Possibly some federal guidelines such as picture I.D which 82% of Americans, Democrats, Republicans Independents and Libertarians all approve of!

I'm not sure what you are advocating by: "Modernize Voter Registration", but if includes sending a a ballot to every American if they requested it or not....that's a big problem and enables election fraud!

Again not sure what you mean by: "Enhance Voting Access", but I strongly believe that voters must vote only at their assigned voting place and mail voting should be limited to hardship and absentee ballots!

Public Financing of Elections is a wreck looking for a place to happen...absolutely NOT!