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Update: Why we need a place like this?


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ContactSenators.com started out as a site to provide free access to United States Senators for issues that matter the most to us.

Reaching a Senator is ridiculously hard. We know. And, we know people have a burning issue and are looking for help.

So, we first started by creating a "review" function to allow people to get it out. In turn, we hope by doing this, people have a better chance of getting help either by the Senator's office or by fellow Americans who have been in the same shoes.

Then we see an explosion of comments, reviews, questions coming in. For different reason, a simple "review" function is no longer enough.

People's voices overwhelmed the review loading capacity. Plus, people want to know how others are reacting to their comments and questions. Maybe there someone knows how to help. Or, maybe just someone showing you they feel your pain by liking your comments.

So, with the new function, you can do all that.

More importantly, this new platform will also indicate the number of posts aimed at a certain issue or senator. This also makes it easier for Senator's office to do some public sentiment analysis by seeing which voice resonated the most.

We have also created a mechanism to recognize people whose voice represents most people.

We are hopeful that this platform should contribute to make Senator work for us.

It won't be easy nor straightforward. But, luckily, we have people like you - who cares and reads this stuff.



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Trying to understand if the intent is to post in general or in our representative's forums? Not sure what you mean by "review" function?