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Mitch Mcconnell. Out of touch with america. Why. ??


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Over the pandemic and last 5 years I have regained what it means to be an American citizen .
To uphold our principles to which our founding fathers placed before us to ensure that our constitution and blind justice prevails that our democracy us the responsibility of every American citizen while over the decades since America and. The people who came here from all other countries and. Nations .Who took the repatriate and for most of you who were 1st 2nd 3rd etc generations who helped construct develop building our infrastructure. Build America build our great nation of some of our history we would rather write off . or quite frankly denied or alter facts to rewrite history as they see fit denying the reality of what us truth and what is fact . we. Americans not yet born need from all walks of life need to remember that originally the entire planet is a gift from the creator god goddess budda Roman Catholics Christian s to name a few. In my opinion and I've have gotten some flack for saying what I believe and the best information in can truly rely on is the late Dr Jack Can Impe and Dr Rexella Van Impe. Which many aspects have come to pass right before the Lord called him home and one of my firm beliefs is as gods children we have often wrong interpretation of Scripture is missing hot mistranslated twisted to fit the time period its all taken out of context in my opinion all the churches even the bad ones who like tbe last year off what i can only say WTF people especially American right now the way were acting because we let the beast in we some them doing evil despicable things this us not what America stands for. It's irresponsible inexcusable behavior which we should already have learned by proper upbringing not racist hateful behavior which Mr. Trump did incite and with fire help of people who should know better like Hawley greene collins. McCarthy. And the two poor performance people from our state of Colorado we successfully thanks to the Lincoln Project helped most of us that behavior like senator Cory Gardners abandoning his oath of. Office and refusal to defend the constitution and laws of the United States. So we held him accountable for his actions well next her have Congress Woman Lauren Bobert who apparently doesn't give a rip about anything at all making a very bad reputation. Being disrespectful inn the chamber being quite rude to other members if the house bringing weapons into our house remember we Americans elect our officials to represent our state and local governments but every day since the good people of Colorado sent her to DC which I'm glad to say I voted for Mrs Busch. But Colorado sometimes like everyone else makes a mistake only this one was extremely unethical and a misrepresentation of the good people of Colorado. Mrs Bobert lied about facts pertaining to her Restaurant was a complete lie that she stated as fact on camera another devious thing she did was escorting civilians though the Capitol 2 to 3days before the January 6th crime spree she was spotted by different members of h
The house and Senate giving guided tours to a closed to the public federal building in the middle of a pandemic. No one from the public was authorized to be in the Capitol building but she insists that she had every right that millennial sense of enrollment that a few years prior McDonald's Corp where I was a general manager for 10 plus years well McDonald's was really concerned so concerned that they required all restaurant managers to attend when we held our yearly peak convention in Orlando those Rms who had to attend because it was a mandatory course that was so informative and to quite frankly correctly foreseen as people like Bobert represents. So people like Bobert Trump the ring leader who by the way has been and continues in whatever Putin has left for him to complete because he is an operative of Russia and the facts are starting to. Come out. One thing with this whole thing really amazed me everything this last administration said did denied. Distracted deflected attempted to mold into facts to fit the narrative to fit the mountain of lies they had to often scramble to damage control mode because of all. The lies deception corruption that was going on to keep people to believe there lies its also come out that. Kelly Ann Conway and Lanka Trump kept rewriting the CDC guidelines and information to fit trims brainwashing schedule they never had your loved ones in mind while the pandemic was in full swing the wanted you to send your kids back to school when it was not safe. Same thing for work. Everything running back to pre pandemic killing more innocent Americans. Trump has. Over 550,000 Americans blood on his hands he's personally responsible for the deaths of every American citizen including those soldiers who had bountys placed on them by PUTIN. All the way to the big lie of the election. Yes 71 million votes went to Trump from those brainwashed people. But the one thing they try to hide or exclude is 81million voted for Biden Harris it's a miracle we made it to January 20th 2021 which was my 50th birthday that day will continue to be a moment ib time where I prayed to the Lord of my understanding who by the way to wrap that up.is. believe on the creator the Lord almighty God. Budda. Believe there is something or someone greater than ourselves. But it's time to reflect on what faith belief. Respect the Lord respect this earth. Our home. Which if NASA never a straight answer. And the others who haven't been honest with the world and it's human inhabitants then true nature of our past what we have at sw49 in
N Nevada or where it was moved to to exposure to the lies that if they do not fully disclose to humanity on June 1 st 21 the longer they wait or change the story to cover another lie to cover something else that makes it even worse pay attention to what is really going on in our government. Right now your Republican party would rather defend the big lies of Trump because if they don't it will some how be bad for the midterms how stupid or how more can these Republicans go off the deep end before they see the error. How long will McConnell be so out of touch with reality and do nothing I tell you as a manager if my employees or me for that matter did the things these people have done we would be out of a job and worse that bad reputation can follow you and prevent you from getting reemployed unless of course like the last press secretary. Got hired by fox well fox you bad decisions have a cause and effect. You get what you pay for hope you have everything that vyiu8 value because you have some one who will rip you off bilnd and lie about it in the one boom!!!!#!# thanks for listening.
Oh one more thing I
Need to vomit our is that people like McConnell. McCarthy. Don't have a clue what it means to walk in another.persons shoes of you also believe this you all should pray or meditate. I wish these two people and there immediate family listen learn and be placed on the most dirre situations. Loosing everything due to No fault of your own forced out on the street only the clothes on there back forced to seek everything out being terrified cold hungry benefits run out or cut st to uncaring government who said just go back to work even though tour job in most cases has not returned. What do you thin3 would happen. ........ Food for thought peace out.