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I applaud Senator Inhofe


Voice of One
Dear Senator,
As a democrat, from Gaithersburg, MD, i never thought that I will agree with Senator Inhofe. I knew senator Inhofe very well because I was in OK when he was elected to the senate studying for my PHD at OK state. I used to hate him for his extreme conservatism. But his speech in the senate floor about Ethiopia has made me love him. He explained the situation in Ethiopia very well; that PM Abiy is fighting against the Tigrayn terrorism in the northern region. Everything Senator said is correct. I appreciate if you can understand the Tigryan terrorism as Senator Inhofe. The US state department's bullying of Ethiopia to agree with the the Tigryan terrorism must stop. I care very much about Ethiopia as I was born there. Please let me know if you support Ethiopia or not.

Tesfaye Liranso, PHD.