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How did the good people of maine reelect her after she broke her oath office


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You know nothing is better than having the facts in a case that will test that country over party that liz Chaney was going on about now granted I applaud her and the 10 other Republicans who finally got some moxie or guilt regret etc basically Liz Cheney all though she did the right thing finally. When Trump and his enablers provoked the the riot on OUR house . we must never again allow this to happen. So Liz was forced our bad bad juju McCarthy you hypocrite so just so we are all clear Mrs Chaney was ousted. From her position because she and 9 other senators voted to impeach remove and convict this idiot go for the pigeon can't understand why or what he has on you that would be so devastating like Matt Gaetz. Yes that's devastating so what or who next to be delivered to the discard pile for some if these senators who have basically sold their soul to the devil. Its the only thing that i can think of is to as why your still willing to destroy your party. Which is what is happening people are talking about the next election and instead of working with the other side actually helping America to recover instead Republicans had the power to something inn the first impeachment trial in which Rep Adam Schiff proved beyond a reasonable doubt that donald trump is guilty of high high crimes and Treason. Attempting not destroy our democracy they had the opportunity to nip this in the but back then instead you get Susan Collins on the news stating that she thinks the president learned his lesson WT F Collins could you have been possibly thinking. What made you abandon your sense if what is right and wrong to make you abandon your path of office. The same thing I asks the other 9 senators who voted the second time to finally do something about it. I thank those v 10 senators who finally chosen do the right thing hey maybe there's hope yet. Remains to be seen
Even after Schiff proved his case you still chose not tip remove him now he has 600k Americans Dead as a result of his tyrannical behavior I
Don't know if the other 9 who voted to do the right thing will make it
I do know that
Karma is a Fucking unforgiving bitch and the shit storm is coming your way. The unwillingness of Mitch McConnell's effort to undermine the good will and nature will prevail. Because people like McConnell who is so far out if touch. Never having to think about walking back mile in another. Persons shoes. Thinking he's above it I'm here to tell McConnell it could can and will happen to anyone no one is immune especially with greed corruption and trumevil going on you will be discarded thrown away with nothing because a senator who had your new shoes you used to occupy. Has cut off your cash funding from unemployment loosing b your job due to the pandemic bur no one cares what band where you sleep McConnell no money no resources no nothing only the clothes on his back but due to the person whi6 switched shoes with getting his revenge wanted you to hurt as much as you hurt Him still has a moral sense of good and at the very last moment decided a different path that will give6 you a hand up not a hand out the homeless problem nationwide has in my opinion reached epidemic levels granted a very small precent it drug related which the news only reports on the negative part often over stating false narrative ba great deal of my Colorado native citizens who built Denver and the surrounding areas. Have been outsourced forced to move. Out to make room for the elite. Making it impossible to find affordable housing I don't know if this was an oversight on behalf of then former Governor. Hickenlooper when we became the first to pass the marijuana bill it drove out the natives bringing in transplants from more expensive cities like new york Los Angeles San Francisco just to name a few expensive cities Denver was unique and an affordable place to live we paid 700.00 a month for an apartment on the bad part of aurora the very first day we moved there from cap hill witch until recently was gay central not anymore it's been overridden by people who did the mass move during the first wave or year colo loss I it's innocence we the ones who had been it's residents found out what greed corruption misrepresentation ment first off for those natives who remember that there was a moratorium on real estate developers and contractor's were prohibited from developing buildings just west of Broadway going all points west to prevent exactly what is now no view of mountains gone some one paid someone else off and up went the new skyscrapers greed. And greedy landlords monopolized Denver buying all the property management company they could gobble up their fore driving up the cost of living which these non natives most of them haven't had 1 day of wintertime driving well YOU do the math. Anyhow we were forced out with a 15 day notice to vacate the building we lived in for over 5 years was sold without warning the new owners said he didn't need to give more notice than 15nl days. 700.00 became 2300.00 just like that but that didn't prepare us for what lied ahead every property went off the norm we needed first last plus security and pet and other new misc fees well who haa 5000.00 in the bank.so we traded our car in for an rv. Got the he'll out of Denver we were very fortunate not to be caught up on what was next in store for Denver. Food for thought I cried when we had to leave but I'm glad it happened when it did and right before covid peace out Robb D