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9/11 Veteran Unemployment fraud since 08/2020


Voice of One
Good morning Senator Feinstein,
If I have to go to the media, that’s my last option.
I’m a United States Navy Veteran (9/11), and Registered nurse whose been working with Covid patients at San Quentin and elsewhere in the Bay Area.
I’m now in need of unemployment and realized my identity has been stolen and they’ve been collecting unemployment since 08/2020.
Bank of America has since processed my claim and refunded some of the money via western Union however, I need unemployment benefits now.
My identity has been verified at Bank of America, through ID.me, I’d.gov, and at a California EDD assistance center.
I’m not able to get ahold of EDD although I’ve done ask EDD multiple times, and spoken with a few representatives without help.
The fraud person set up my Claim information and Bank of America access online and I’m unable to file a new claim AND change my address through EDD who then, will change it for Bank of America.
I’ve also asked for my EDD account number, which I’ve received no response. This would at least give me access to enter my address through EDD UI online.
If I can’t correct the address, my Bank of America card will go to the fraud address on file (if I’m able to access my unemployment claim.
I sincerely appreciate your time and I’m praying for your help.
Thanks in advance!

Best regards,
Jen, RN, Veteran